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Supported services

The following table shows all services which Compose Generator currently supports out of the box as predefined service templates. To use these templates, please refer to the generate command.

Frontend Backend Database Database Admin
Accent AdGuard Home Cassandra Adminer
Angular ASP.NET Elasticsearch Elasticsearch HQ
BitBucket Blocky FaunaDB pgAdmin
Common Website Django InfluxDB PhpMyAdmin
Drupal Docker Registry MariaDB RedisInsight
Ghost FastAPI 🆕 Meilisearch more to come ...
Gitea Fiber MongoDB
GitLab Flask MySQL
Grafana Gin Gonic Neo4j
Hoppscotch Live-Poll API OrientDB
Jenkins Minecraft Server PostgreSQL
Jira Monica QuestDB
Jupyter Nexus3 Redis
Live-Poll Node.js ScyllaDB
Matomo PHP SingleStore
Mediawiki Pi-hole more to come ...
Nextcloud Plex
OpenProject Prometheus
Overleaf Rocket
Owncloud Ruby on Rails
Paperless-ng Spring with Gradle
React Spring with Maven
SonarQube TeamSpeak
Uptime Kuma Telegram Bot
Vue more to come ...
more to come ...

🆕 - New templates which were released with the latest version of Compose Generator
- New templates which are currently in preview and will be released with the next version

If you miss a predefined template and you want to create one for the public, please first read our contribution guidelines and then continue reading the instructions on how to contribute a service template. Fork the repository, create the template and open a pr to the latest release/v1.10.x branch. The community is thankful for every predefined template!