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Build or install from source


Before being able to compile the source code you first have to download it from GitHub and install Golang (if you don't have it already).

Clone source from GitHub

git clone
cd compose-generator

Install Go

For compiling Compose Generator from source you need to have Go 1.17 or higher installed on your system. Please refer to the official guide on how to install Go.

Build from source

If you want to build the executable, you can use the for Linux or the build.bat file for Windows:


The executables will end up in the bin subfolder for the amd64 architecture.

Install from source

If you don't care about the executable and you just want to use Compose Generator, you can use the for Linux or the install.bat for Windows. This will install the executable to a path, located in the PATH, so your OS can find it and makes it available as a command:



compose-generator [<command>]